September 2020 Update

Hey everyone! It’s Brennan, though some of you might know me as EterniiTea/Tea. I’m here today to give you good folks an update!

Syndrome of Mortality is now live, so we’re at 2/7 books up and available again with new covers, and edits. We have a long way to go, and I won’t lie, I wish we were further along, but you know what, I’m proud of how much we’ve done!

2020 has been an insane year, but we’ve been doing our best!

We aren’t done, we still have one more book that we’re going to get to you this year, and that’s Soul Rain! For those of you who don’t know, Soul Rain is Nick’s project! He’s been working on it since high school, and it’s come such a long way. We are so excited to get this book back out, there’s only one small story change. I should say, the change in this book is small, but the ripples into the next book and the book after are huge. It’s amazing how one small thing can make such a difference.

I mentioned that this is Nick’s project, and it is! He works on this one on his own, and I’m mostly just moral support, and a person to bounce ideas off of! I’ll explain our process in a different blog post but the short version is we have two collaborative series active, and two individual series active. Soul Rain is Nick’s, Cruentus is mine, and we both work on Heaven’s Sword and Lost Children.

The time frame for Soul Rain is pretty loose, we’re considering the end of November for a release time frame. Before then, we hope to share plenty of art with you all! 

Full disclosure, I had been aiming for the end of this month, September 2020. I’d been pushing myself to do so and just getting frustrated because let me tell you, publishing a book takes a lot of time. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t have the backlog that we do. As of writing this, we’ve finished writing the Heaven’s Sword Trilogy and we’ve written December, January, February, March, April, and May in Lost children. We have also both started the next book in our solo series, and we have a backlog of what series we have planned next!

Nick and I sat down and really talked about what the plans are for the release schedule, and we both agreed that we don’t need to do this at a sprint. So right now the schedule looks something like this:

Soul Rain: November 2020

Cruentus: 2021

Inimicus: 2021

October Shadows: 2021

November Strife: 2021

Fingers crossed that we can also release our next new book out in 2021 as well. The Memories Trilogy is something that we’re really excited for. It’s a series of 3 novellas, and oh boy, you guys are in for a ride. Then there’s also December Shiver, which is the third book of the Lost Children series. We introduce some of my favorite characters in the series in this book, and man I can’t wait for you to meet them!

I really hope you guys read this far, and I hope you guys are as excited as we are. We really just want to share our crazy brains and all the characters who camp there with you guys. What matters most to us is that someone finds enjoyment in our work, and knowing that there are people who do means the world to us.

Thanks for sticking around, and to anyone new here: Welcome! We have so much more coming.