Cruentus Series

Book 1: Cruentus

While humanity slumbers, vampires rule the night. Ignorant of the constant danger, humans live their lives in bliss.

Life has never been easy for Cassandra Brooks. She and her family-her father William and her brother Austin-never stay in one place for long. To complicate matters, her dreams are haunted by a boy she has never met.

Her existence becomes a fight for survival after her brother saves her from a group of nomadic vampires. With help from an unexpected source, Cassandra must embark on a journey to piece together the shattered remnants of her life. All the while, hunted by a dark specter she can’t seem to shake.

Book 2: Pallaca

Having narrowly escaped death at the hands of a vampire stalker thanks to a group of vampire hunters, Cassandra Brooks finds herself indebted to them. With no sign of her family, and no money to her name, she has no choice but to continue to travel with the group.

When they ask her to help them on their latest hunt, Cassie finds something she didn’t expect: a place she might want to call home.

Surrounded by new friends and hunted by new enemies, Cassandra has to walk a delicate line to make sure that no one she cares about gets hurt. All the while the specter that’s been haunting her for her whole life looms ever closer. Something waits for her in the shadows, a word whispered only when they think she can’t hear.

When a familiar face reappears, she realizes she is in deeper than she ever could have thought.

Book 3: Inimicus

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