Brennan Nicholas is a psuedonym for authors Brennan and Nicholas, who have been writing together since 2007. We’ve perfected a synchronistic style and have collaborated on many projects together. The two of us cherish the art of storytelling, and bringing magic to life.

Our goal is to release at least two books a year!

We met that goal in 2018 and 2019, and we hope to match it in 2020. We have many works in progress and hope to get them out to you as soon as possible. However, given the circumstances, who knows how that will go! We have been hard at work with rebranding and have started republishing those works in July 2020!

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We’ve written a lot of books, and we’re excited to share them with you! We’ve decided to run four series at once, because we simply couldn’t pick one to focus on. That’s the joy of having so many ideas! Each one has its own setting, genre, and tone. Click on the links below to check out the rest of their series.