Hey, it’s Brennan coming at you with an update!

I probably don’t have much of substance to say, surprising, I know. We got Angel Syndrome out again, but as you know that’s just one out of six. It’s been a trip revisiting the book that started it all for us. It had also been 4 years since I cracked it open, and there were more than a few moths and a nice layer of dust. That’s not to say I don’t love Angel Syndrome and Seneal as a whole, it’s just super hard to go back and look at your old stuff.

I don’t think I could ever properly convey how much Seneal means to me, that setting is pretty much why Nick and I are friends. Two weird teens bonding over an RP board that no longer exists. Yes, that fact still hurts me to the core.

At this rate I think that book 2, Syndrome of Mortality is going to be out by the end of August, and then I’m going to start work on Soul Rain. After that, who knows?

I know I’ve been trying to just go with the flow for 2020, and it seems to be working at this point. Maybe I’ll finally get my footing by the end of the year and then fall down the rabbit hole again for 2021.

I can’t wait to release something new again, it’s not like we lack content either. Our backlog could keep us afloat for years. We really don’t even need to write a single word for at least three. We’ve finished writing the Heaven’s Sword trilogy, and we’re eight books deep into the Lost Children Series. Yeah, you read that right, eight. It’s going to be twelve total, starting in October and ending in September. We have the whole thing outlined, and it’s getting to the end. I’m going to be sad to see it end, but we have enough spin offs and sequels to make your head spin!

Okay, I think this is rambling enough at this point. But I will share one more thing! We got the proof for Syndrome of Mortality in today, and I was going to share it with you all but…

Sushi said no.


A Quick Update

Just wanted to give a quick update about the state of our books. I’ll admit, the delay on Pallaca, the sequel to Cruentus, has been my fault. I’ve been procrastinating, because despite being a book that I love and a book that I loved writing, I just didn’t feel like it was ready.

I finally figured out what it is, so things are finally back on track.

We don’t have the release date yet, but we’re hard at work making sure we can get it out as soon as possible! This book means a lot to me, it’s the story I’ve wanted to tell for a long long time, in fact I wrote the first version of this book back in 2012.

I sincerely hope that every person who reads it likes it, and feels the emotion I put into it.

These characters and this particular story has been a big part of my life for a decade and I just want to share them with as many people as possible.

That being said, I hope to have more updates on the release coming soon!

Book, Writing

Pre-Sale Special

Hey everyone!


Our first book is on the last leg of its journey- we’re currently in the process of formatting (her mostly, Im just being nitpicky). We should get our first proof sometime next week- then once everything is good to go- it will be going up for sale!!!!!!

We are anticipating a late June to Early July release!! The exact date will be posted soon.

With all that being said- We are going to do a Pre-sale Special!

The Pre-Sale Special will get you a signed copy of the book, some doodles of some of the characters (hand done by me!) an Angel Syndrome bookmark

The Presale special is 20 dollars, which gives everything stated above. Any presales will greatly help us in getting started as well as support us with continuing on with our other projects! We don’t have a huge budget so anything helps- even spreading through word of mouth.

If you have any questions about the book, please feel free to ask!