Lost Children Series

Book 1: October Shadows

Things aren’t what they seem in Ashburn, Tennessee. Fifteen years ago nine children were suddenly orphaned. No one knows what really happened, least of all the children.

When one of their number moves back to town, their lives are upended. Secrets start coming out. Suddenly, nothing is as it seems.

Cataryna thought adjusting to a new high school her senior year was the hardest thing she would ever experience.

Skylar never thought he’d know what it felt like to be locked behind bars.

River never truly experienced loss before.

Korin had never been able to control his anger. But the more things change, the worse it gets.

Willow just wants things to stay the same.

Lu cannot wait for change.

Nyssa knows. She knows too much, but she can’t understand. She never understands.

Thema and Tony were waiting, and have been for fifteen years. But they’re still not ready.

All the group can do is band together and face what awaits them lingering… in the October Shadows.

Book 2: November Strife

Having survived the ordeal of discovering their magical abilities, a zombie attack, and burning down the school, the Lost Children face new problems as the next month of their lives begins. One question plagues them all: how do they keep their powers a secret?

Ashburn might be a small town where everyone knows everything, but there are more secrets than any of the Lost Children thought.

Together, they uncover more about their parents, but the more they learn, the more questions that arise. Worse, they catch the eyes of a threat that they had no idea was lurking in the shadows.

The group must fight for their lives against a brand new enemy, one that they’re all too familiar with.

All they can do is band together, in hopes to survive the November Strife.

Book 3: December Shiver

Information coming soon…