Heaven’s Sword Trilogy

Book 1: Angel Syndrome

Equilibrium brought an end to the world as it was once known. When Earth and Terra became united, fantasy became reality. Elves, Angels, Vampires, Demons, and Humans are just some of the beings who populate Eartha. They coexist on the planet and nowhere is that more evident than the town of Seneal, and its famous University.

Ravin is a demon on a mission: protect his roommate Kazun at any cost.

Michelle lives to keep her sister safe: despite being only human and limited by mortality.

When Ravin and Michelle’s worlds collide, the pair is pushed onto a dangerous path. A powerful force has arrived in Seneal and it lurks in the shadows.

Forced to work together, Ravin and Michelle are faced with tribulations at every turn. Mysterious tattoos, disappearances, and deadly tasks plague them. Little do they know, their actions have consequences that neither of them could have foreseen.

Book 2: Syndrome of Mortality

Almost a year has passed since Michelle and Ravin saved the world, though very few people know just how close the end truly was.

Now that things are mundane, Michelle’s ultimate secret rocks their world. Michelle is still dying. And no one knows how long she really has. Devastated, Ravin declares he will do whatever it takes to cure her. Along with Michelle’s guardian angel Loviel, Ravin finds himself in danger, catching the eye of yet another unknown old enemy.

In this sequel to their debut novel Angel Syndrome, Brennan Nicholas explores what it means to be mortal.

Novellas: Memories

“All will be as it should.”

Ravin is given a gift at the end of Syndrome of Mortality: his missing memories. Just what is waiting for him in those memories? Will he like what he finds? Join Ravin on a journey through who he used to be across a trilogy of novellas taking place between Syndrome of Mortality and Mortality of Angels.
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Book 3: Mortality of Angels

The final exciting entry in the Heaven’s Sword trilogy.
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