Who is Brennan Nicholas?

Brennan Stidham

Ace |♑| Ambivert

Brennan Stidham has always wanted to write, but it wasn’t until college that she pursued it seriously. She loves fantasy with a burning passion, and lives to create epic worlds. Her favorite thing to do is plant ideas and water them, then over time watch her seeds grow into beautiful trees and bear fruit. She is an avid day dreamer, and is often lost in thought. Usually, it’s just another idea to join the already long list of books she is going to write.

Nicholas Torres

FTM| ♓ | Introvert

Nicholas Torres is an author who loves to delve into the magic aspect of writing. Nick loves to use vivid imagery to bring worlds to life. With words and letters he makes a painting in the minds of readers. He believes that there is no limit to creativity. Anything goes as long as it comes from the heart and soul. Imagination is a dying art, and it is Nick’s absolute favorite medium to work in. Though he lives in the Midwest, Nick would tell you that he lives in the land of make believe.

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